Messages from Our Contributors

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John Stoesz riding his recumbent tricycle to raise awareness about the need for Dakota land justice (photo credit: Mankato Free Press)

“Please know that I am joining the movement in my home state of Minnesota for truth-telling, taking down the symbols of white supremacy, and reparative justice. The true story is one of Dakota genocide, forced removal and land theft for the continuing benefit of the white settlers and their descendants. As one of these descendants and hopefully a white ally, I pledge myself to the cause of decolonization for the colonized and the colonizer alike in the hope of a future of real peace based on justice for all of us.”

                                                            –John Stoesz

“My tax bill for the 2nd installment of 2011 property taxes arrived today. Because I do not recognize Hennepin County as the legitimate authority to whom I should be paying taxes for the right to “own” property on this stolen land, I  would very much like to pay an equal amount to an organization that represents the actual legitimate holders of this land.”  


 “Our house contributes regularly to Makoce Ikikcupi’s land project, and we consider our donation a monthly expense that we call “back rent.” We feel strongly that Dakota reclamation of Minnesota lands is vital. It is a step towards reparations with Dakota people, decolonization, and a small gesture towards creating a just world. To that end we are not only honored to contribute, but see it as our duty.”  

                                                        –Josina Manu

“To the family of my loving partner as we seek justice and the true meaning of allyship.”  

                                                         –James Utt & Julia Schumacher

 “After learning about the history of Dakota genocide and the genocidal practices that the U.S. government continues to enact against the indigenous peoples of this land base, I decided to do something about it. As a settler colonizer of Dakota lands, I’m making a monthly contribution to this organization as “back pay” or “rent.” I hope you folks living in MN will consider doing the same. Every little bit counts. Let’s do our part to help the Dakota nation get their land back!”  

                                                          –SooJin Pate, Ph.D.

 “This donation equals the amount of our Minneapolis property tax for 2016. We are donating an equal amount for your Dakota Land Recovery project as an act of justice and solidarity.”  

                                                           –Steve & Christine Clemens

 “This is a very small effort to begin paying the back-rent I owe on the land I now call home. I recognize that this land is not mine to own and has roots in the genocide, ecocide and displacement of indigenous people. So while I have to continue paying property taxes to hennepin county, I will also begin to pay what I can to support the reclamation of this land to by its first human inhabitants, who cared for and respected it.”

                                                          –Charmagne Patton

 “I dedicate this donation to all indigenous people who’ve been erased and forgotten by the power majority.”

                                                          –Sukriti Dabral

 “Our gift is made in honor of the wedding of Jamie Utt & Julia Schumacher.”  

                                                         –Nathan Blumenshine & Jane Dunlap

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