Volunteer tree planting

On May 6th, 12 volunteers from the Mountain Lake Repair Community were joined by 10 student volunteers from St. Olaf College (Northfield, MN). They planted over 200 fruit and nut trees at Hohwozu Otunwe (Village of Vibrant Growth).

The students learned about Makoce Ikikcupi in a class where our executive director, Waziyatawin, did a Zoom presentation. They were inspired by her words and made Hohwozu Otunwe and the tree planting their class project.

We are grateful to all of the volunteers that help bring our dream to life!

Supporting Dakota Land Justice zine

We are excited to share with you all “Supporting Dakota Land Justice”, an original zine created for us by Gabriela Ines Diaz (CHamoru & Pohnpeian) and printed/ assembled by Vital Print Press!

Supporting Dakota Land Justice (zine) visuals, design & text by Gabriela Ines Diaz. Like us on Facebook for more updates.

Our zine and its creator, Gabriela, were featured in The Circle news “Zine inspired by global Indigenous sovereignty movements

Our Earth Lodge Has a Roof!

Han Mitakuyapi!

On December 10, we got the main earth lodge covered, just in time for the first real snow of the season! We are so happy to have the roof on this lodge, which means we are set for the rest of the winter. In the spring, we’ll add more black dirt and plant grass seed over the top. The door isn’t on and the skylights are not yet covered, but we will continue to work on those in coming weeks. We have a wood stove coming soon, so we will be able to work inside as the weather gets even colder.

Zani Otunwe is what justice looks like for Dakota people! This is a place of healing, connection, and restoration.

Rafters went up earlier this season.

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